Getting Constipated on a Bodybuilding Diet

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Have you ever gotten constipated on a bodybuilding diet? That’s the topic of today’s Ask Lee Video Q & A.

Colin asks:
I’ve been taking whey protein for the past few months, but every now and then I get a bout of constipation (as I’m sure many others do to). To help I’ve started to take a powdered fibre supplement on the days I feel I didn’t take in enough in my food. So my question to you!! It may sound silly, but is is okay to mix the fibre and the protein in the same drink?”

Now the simple answer to this question is YES, you can take fiber and protein mixed together. This will not hinder the effectiveness of the protein shake or the fiber.

In fact, I’ve done this myself on occasion and one of my favorite protein and fiber drinks is to mix vanilla whey protein with orange flavor Metamucil fiber supplement. This actually tastes really good, kind of like an orange cream pop type of flavor.

Just mix up 2 scoops of vanilla whey and 1 heaping tablespoonful of orange flavor Metamucil powder in 16 oz of water and mix together in a shaker bottle.

Give it a try to add more fiber to your diet.

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