Greg Doucette’s BLUEBERRY PROTEIN MUFFINS | HIGH PROTEIN Bodybuilding Meal Plan Recipe | GOT BETTER?

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Did the best tasting high protein Blueberry Muffin get even better? Straight out of Coach Greg Doucette’s Ultimate Anabolic Cookbook 2.0, I give his Blueberry Protein Muffin recipe a try with Coach Greg’s newest HTLT protein poweder. Does it taste even bettee than our first review? Is this something you can include in your bodybuilding meal plan to add muscle and lose body fat? Is Coach Greg’s supplement, HTLT Whey Pro Tein Vanilla Peanut Butter, worth the purchase for this recipe? I discuss it all! It’s taste test time! Here. We. Go.


My first review of Greg Doucette’s high proteinBlueberry Muffins:

Greg Doucette’s Video:

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