How NOT To Do Lateral Raises ❌

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There’s nothing inherently wrong with using a bit of momentum out of the bottom position of a lateral raise if you’re doing it in a controlled fashion for a specific purpose.

It could be done to squeeze out a few more reps at the end of a set once you’ve failed within the confines of very strict form…

Or as a way of shifting more of the load into the bottom half of the range rather than the top as with a typical dumbbell lateral raise.

(Use a heavier weight than normal to make the first part of the range more challenging, but add a bit of swing so that the momentum then carries the weight upward and makes the top half easier)

Those techniques would be more suited to slightly more advanced lifters though (and if you do want to load the bottom position then I’d just use a leaning lateral raise variation or cables for that), and in this video I’m referring to those who are just aimlessly swinging the weight around for no good reason.

The form shown in the “incorrect” part could be worse, but if I over exaggerate then I’ll get a bunch of people commenting that “no one does lateral raises like that”, so it’s hard to find the perfect middle ground to demonstrate it.

In any case, the bottom line is to:

A) Use a weight you can remain in control of throughout the set.

B) Raise the dumbbells up but while also pushing your arms outward at the same time.

C) Don’t worry about trying remove your traps from the exercise (it’s totally normal that you’ll feel them working) but also don’t turn it into half lateral raise/half shrug either.

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