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Personally, I feel that the biggest VILLAIN in the Indian gymming scene is the supplement industry. Younger dudes who take up gymming, invariably jump onto the supplement “bandwagon”. Before sorting out their basics – Diets, exercise, schedules; these younger gymmers are more concerned with their watermelon BCAA boxes or glutamine post workouts. In some cases without even getting diets right, gymmers consider using something as serious as steroids and fat burners.

My fitness coach, Binny Sreedharan has been saying this for a while. The supplement industry (including and especially the steroid industry) in this country, is going to implode. Some younger gymmer, somewhere in India is gonna face the consequences of making supplements the cornerstone of his gymming.

One thing that beginners need to understand is that supplements are actually not even supposed to be a part of lifting. Unless you’re an attention craving douchebag, you gym for your own body. Not to impress others. Your own body = your own health. Not your perception in other people’s minds. How do we even know the long term effects?

SO many gymmers in India end up with mediocre results because their apporach to gymming is mediocre. Medium to low protein intake, stupid exercise scheduling and above all, over-reliance on packaged chemicals that are marketed as “SUPPLEMENTS for strength and muscle”

So as a gymmer in India, what supplements do you REALLY NEED to put on muscle mass? More importantly, as a BEGINNER in India, which supplements are required? Should you really spend all that money on some packaged chemicals, which MAY or MAY NOT work? Do YOU need those supplements?

Watch my ultimate guide to bodybuilding supplements for gymmers, ESPECIALLY IN INDIA.

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