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The IFBB gives out more pro cards than ever before… here’s how to best get one!

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A topic of conversation amongst pros, experts, and fans in the bodybuilding community these past few years has been pro cards and how many more of them there are each year in the IFBB. With more divisions than ever before and more National-level shows offering more chances for pro cards, there’s been no greater time for an athlete to earn their pro card and move into the big leagues.

But this benefit also has drawbacks. Just because there are more pro athletes doesn’t mean there is enough room for each of those pros to stand tall and make big cash with first place wins. If anything, there seems to be two tiers of pro bodybuilders now. Those who land in the top 5 or 6 in every competition they compete in (or slowly show promise rising up in the ranks) – and then people who earn their pro cards and then are never seen or heard from again in any serious way. They throw into a few pro shows, get severely outmatched by the new quality level in physiques, and then stop competing.

Whether you love or hate that there are more pro cards out there – King Kamali has a in detail guide on how to not only get your pro card, but be prepared to stand out and succeed once you jump into the pro bodybuilding arena. If you are an amateur competitor looking for the most efficient way to get become a pro – this episode is for you. If you are a fan who is simply curious about the process and hard work it takes to become a REAL pro – there’s also a lot of value in watching this week’s episode of King’s World above. Check it out!

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