How to Use Egg Protein to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

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I remember when I was growing as a kid I remember my dad telling me to crack the eggs into a glass and drink them down raw. And many of you probably remember Rocky in the movie cracking the eggs and sucking down the egg yolks and so we have this image of egg protein we might think about, you know, drinking down raw eggs.

You do not have to drink down a raw egg to get quality egg protein and it’s not hard to use whole eggs in various forms to get good healthy egg protein throughout the day. There is a host of different ways that you can get egg protein, everything from protein powders to hard boiled eggs which are convenient and quick to bring with you.

The most important thing to remember about egg protein beyond just the sources and ways you can get egg protein is that egg protein is one of the most biologically high value protein that there is out there aside from possibly whey protein. Meaning that your body’s going to utilize and assimilate, assimilate and utilize most of it. So you want to definitely include egg protein into your daily diet every day.

Egg protein can come in the form of egg whites, it can come in the form of liquid eggs, it can come in the form of protein powders as well.

A lot of people immediately think of egg white omelets as being the most healthiest of all choices and egg whites are devoid of the cholesterol and the fat but keep in mind that an egg yolk here and there is not going to hurt you.

In fact there’s been a lot of studies recently that have touted the opposite. That egg yolk not only does it contain nutrients that you’re not going to get in the white, choline and selenium and other nutrients but it also can actually help to raise your body’s good cholesterol. That’s open for debate but the bottom line is don’t be afraid to throw an egg yolk in there once or twice.

But egg white omelets are a great source of just the pure egg white protein, the egg protein without getting the cholesterol and the fat because they’re basically fat free. You can pretty much eat as much as you want of them.

So making a few hard boiled eggs, throwing them into a baggy, taking it with you to work, eating an egg white omelet, whipping up a quick egg white omelet late at night. You can now get liquid egg whites not only in the carton where they’re sometimes a little bit different, processed differently. Some people don’t like the egg whites in a carton because of some of the preservatives that are in the egg whites themselves therefore they won’t even buy the carton egg whites.

If they do buy them, they’ll only eat them cooked. There is in fact companies out there today that process and specially filter egg whites that sell just specific liquid egg whites that you can literally use from the container right into a shake like you would use milk or water which is fantastic.

It’s another way to get egg protein every day and not have to worry about what, you know, if it’s containing any elements like preservatives and so on that aren’t healthy or good for you and you can also use it like I said, cold without even cooking it.

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