PERFECT CHEST WORKOUT For MASS ft. The GodFather Of Bodybuilding!

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►Sets & Reps + Time Stampers for your reference!
Exercise 1: Guillotine Incline Bench | 5X 12/10/8/8/8 X PO
Exercise 2: Guillotine Decline Bench | 5X 12/10/8/8/8 X PO
Exercise 3: Guillotine Flat Bench | 5X 12/10/8/8/8 X PO (NOT SHOWN IN VIDEO)
Exercise 4: Pectoral Fly | 4x 12/12/12/12 x TUT
Exercise 5: CG Bench | 3X 8/8/8 X PO

►Time Stampers:
00:00 – Going until failure on the incline guillotine bench press
00:37 – Why you should start every chest workout with incline bench
01:35 – exercise 1, the guillotine incline bench
02:45 – is 3-5 rep max good for building your chest?
03:15 – form police checking in
03:50 – my heavy set, GO HARD!
04:43 – my most guy’s upper chest is lagging
05:15 – why you need upper chest AND traps
05:30 – Does the inner chest exist and what is best inner chest workout?
06:27 – Exercise 2 – Guillotine decline bench for full chest mass
07:29 – golds gym venice update
07:56 – All of our workouts together –
08:15 – Exercise 3 pectoral fly TUT
08:45 – form cue tip on the pec fly
09:12 – Exercise 4 close grip bench for tricep mass
09:37 – mass building chest workout day complete
10:00 – physique update at 12-14% body-fat

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