The Hidden Truth About Steroids & the Bodybuilding Supplement Industry | Jerry Brainum

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, our guest was the science editor of Muscle and Fitness magazine, an editor-at-large for Flex magazine, and a regular contributor to Ironman magazine for 28 years. His articles were the only articles read in bodybuilding magazines by 3-time Mr. Olympia champion, Frank Zane. He is the creator of Applied Metabolics, an in-depth newsletter about food supplements; exercise science; steroids, and much more.

Besides his writing, he has been a nutrition consultant for numerous elite, world-class athletes such as Floyd Mayweather Jr, Oscar de La Hoya, and Vassiliy Jirov. He was also a competitive bodybuilder himself and trained alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger at the original Gold’s gym in Venice, California in the 70s.

Today, he spills nothing but the truth about:
• The biggest mistakes most bodybuilders make
• The myths, truths, pros, and cons of steroids
• And how a lot of safe supplements can have deathly effects

To learn more about Applied Metabolics, click here!

0:00 Intro
10:24 Should you trust medical professionals when it comes to supplementation?
30:10 How much protein should you take? What are the best protein powders?
40:54 Are testosterone boosters safe?
58:48 The dangerous side effects of taking steroids

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