Welcome back to the Iron Sights Podcast! In this episode, I sat down with Matt Green. When Matt was in his early twenties, he had already made his way into the White House, befriended the former FBI Director and gained the trust of the 43rd President of the United States. Matt was born in California, but spent his early life living in Texas. He describes his background as an Eagle Scout and reporting directly to President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. While starting his political career at the White House, Green sparked the attention of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who flew Matt Green back to California to discuss the opportunity of working beside him while serving as Governor of California. After exemplifying a passion for service driven pursuits, Matt turned his love for service inward and began weightlifting. Before Matt Green was a featured Muscle & Fitness model, he weighed under 145lbs, wasn’t genetically blessed and had never lifted a single weight in his life. Our conversation digresses into the world and evolution of Bodybuilding, modeling and monetizing a following on social media. Matt’s diverse background in politics, fitness, entrepreneurship and business made this interview one of the most fascinating 120 minutes in Iron Sights history. For more information on Matt Green visit his website:

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