These Exercises Are πŸ’© For Hypertrophy…

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“But combo exercises are a good way to save time in the gym”.

You could save the exact same amount of time by just performing the two movements in a superset fashion one after the other.

That way you can use the appropriate load for both and focus on each lift one at a time.

In my opinion though, a much better time-saving option is to just utilize a high intensity/low volume approach (go to all out failure and just do a single working set) and then extend the set for some additional stimulus using rest pause or a drop set.

I’m not a fan of supersets in general since the second exercise will suffer to some extent due to the systemic fatigue created from the first one. (Though on small isolation lifts it will be less of an issue)

“But not everyone’s primary goal is to build muscle”.

Agreed, in which case people can do whatever they want based on their specific goal.

That being said, there’s virtually no situation where combining a compound and isolation into one would ever make sense since you’ll be getting virtually zero hypertrophy stimulus on the compound.

You’ll only be getting close to failure on the isolation, and then the compound will just be a bunch of useless junk reps.

So, unless combo exercises just really turn you on for some reason and you simply can’t live without them, just do each exercise one at a time.

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