Back Pain? πŸ€• DO THIS!

Back Pain? 🤕

Disclaimer: there are too many things that could be going on when we are talking about pain. Please take this post with a grain of sand.

These movements might, or might not, help. And even if they do, it’s probably going to be a temporary relief. You always want to get yourself check by a professional and hopefully that “professional” doesn’t tell you to rest for months until you feel zero pain.

Not moving is in my opinion the worse course of action. Unless the pain is chronic and you truly can’t do any movements, the best way to heal is to slowly mobilize the area and the joints surrounding it. Then proceed to strengthen the area.

This post simply shows 3 movements that will I increase mobility in the lower back, as well as their closest joints: thoracic spine, and Hips.

It’s useful to think of the body as a whole. Meaning that if you have low back pain, it “could” be caused by tightness in the hips and thoracic spine. The low back should be a stable joint, but if their closest joints are too rigid, the lower back will tend to become unstable — leading to pain.

The first movement is great for hip mobility. The second one is great for overall spine movement. And the third one will put more emphasis on the thoracic spine.

Give them a shot and see how they feel! 30-60sec each movement, or 6-10 controlled reps should do it. Move mindfully.

With Love,

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