199: Peter Fitschen – Nutritional strategies for natural bodybuilding

Peter is a natural bodybuilder and has a PhD in nutritional sciences.

He has been involved with some major publications including one discussed in this episode;
Nutritional Recommendations for Physique Athletes. We cover rates of loss, traits of successful bodybuilders, diet breaks and much more.

00:08 Natural bodybuilding and progress
04:47 Getting stage ready and recovery process
13:58 Max weight/% above stage weight
17:11 Refeeds/diet breaks
23:25 Recommended rate of loss
27:04 Physique assessment
30:33 “Whatever it takes” mentality
32:33 Allow for bodyweight to go up and staying too lean
36:55 Dietary restraint and psychological demand
39:00 4 common traits of longtime competitors
44:09 What helps with dissatisfaction. Expectations and outcome


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