7 Favorite Functional Bodybuilding Moves

Functional Bodybuilding balances movement patterns so you can work your entire body and still be able to recover. Here are my top 7 moves that often combine multiple movement patterns for more bang for your buck. They also represent FBB well in that they are easy to progress or regress by changing up where the load is placed or the stability demands. And they embody the sprit of FBB: wide variety, creativity in movement exploration, but never straying from the fundamental principles that get you looking good and moving well.

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00:00 Intro
01:21 Slide Board Body Saw
02:42 Filly Press
04:46 Cross Body Carry
06:19 Cyclist 1-¼ squat
08:19 Glute Bridge KB Chest Press
10:26 Lean Away Ring Pull-Ups
13:00 Deficit Landmine Single Leg RDL
16:01 Thanks for Watching

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