8 Exercises for a Chiseled Back – Without a Gym Membership

Most people head to a conventional gym if they want to build their upper back – where you can use a lat pulldown machine and all kinds of other expensive equipment to get the job done. But if you’re in a home or functional fitness gym, you can absolutely get a strong, balanced, eye-catching back with only a few simple pieces of equipment.

Check out these 8 Functional Bodybuilding exercises for a chiseled upper back, and download your free pdf that puts them all together for you in a workout to use any time at https://functional-bodybuilding.com/8-exercises-for-a-chiseled-back/

If you don’t have a full rope, you can use a piece of rope tied to a pull-up bar or a towel. Ring face pulls can be subbed in for sleds. Don’t let a lack of equipment stop your progress when there are so many ways to get creative with training! (Persist participants, check with Athlete Support if you need equipment subs.)

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00:24 Intro
05:02 Wtd Lean Away Pull Up Negatives
05:54 RNT Single Arm DB Row
06:29 Landmine Knee on Bench Elbowing Row
07:21 Single Arm Rope Pull Up
08:11 Banded KB Pull Over
09:00 Supinated Band Pull Aparts
09:36 Single Arm Ring Body Row
10:26 Sled Drag Face Pull
12:06 Thank You

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