Ashley Conrad’s High-Intensity Leg Circuit Workout –

Don’t think you have enough time to train legs? Think again. In just 15 minutes of hard work, you can get in a killer circuit workout for strength, size, and shape!

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I love circuit training for legs because it shocks your body to change in a very short time frame. If you’re accustomed to doing a lot of leg work on the squat rack or leg press with extended rest periods, then this fast-paced workout will give your legs a new stimulus. Over time—if you continue to work out like this—you’ll see a massive increase in lower-body muscular definition.

The exercises in this workout train the legs in a multidirectional manner, unlocking your lower body from typical front-to-back, unidirectional leg-day movements. This workout will help build strength in the lateral and medial parts of your legs, and it’s great for athletes who need to generate power in different directions very quickly.

Integrate this circuit into your training split as a main leg workout for up to four weeks, then switch to something else, or you can use it as additional leg work if you want to train legs twice a week. It’s a great supplemental leg workout to your main session, especially if your main session is loaded heavy and locks you in one plane of motion.

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