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We’re living in the golden age of protein. Learn the essential rules for the mightiest of macros, and so much more, from two of the brightest minds in muscle: Drs. Jacob Wilson and Robert Wildman!

By now, you’ve no doubt heard that after a few decades in the nutritional wilderness, healthy fats are back on the menu. But lost in all the headlines about one mistakenly maligned macronutrient is another redemption story, starring fat’s leaner sibling: protein.

Back in the carb-loving days of the ’70s and ’80s, a high-protein diet was considered unnecessary, if not downright risky. Today, we know that adequate, timely protein intake is key for health, optimal body composition, and athletic performance—but this is no news to you and your shaker bottle!

So does that mean we’ve figured out everything there is to know about the king of muscle-macros? Far from it. Plenty remains to be discovered about protein, among many other fitness topics, which is why we invited two of the sharpest, most experienced minds in muscle-building to share their professional and personal opinions on supplemental protein, science vs. bro-science, the mechanisms of muscle growth, cutting-edge research, and much more.

The best way to learn from these experts is to watch the entire video. Then, if you’d like to refer back to specific sections, use the bookmark links below. Don’t see your question answered here? Check to see if it was addressed in the live, interactive Ask the Pro Panel that Dr. Wildman and Dr. Wilson participated in with celebrity trainer Ashley Conrad, or shout it out in the comments below.

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