Nasty Nate Spear joins IFBB Pro Andrew Berry and Scott McNally to talk shop bodybuilding and answer coaching questions – TIME STAMPS BELOW

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0:00 Intro

1:00 Nate’s Best 2 Back exercises

3:25 Why barbell row would not be Nate’s favorite movement

4:10 Why the pull up ? What if you can’t do it well?

7:00 Andrew’s 2 Best Back exercises

10:15 Scott’s 2 Best Back Exercises and the importance of elbow position

Listener Questions !

17:00 Replicating a carb up

25:00 What body part do you HATE to train?

28:30 3 Favorite compounds for bulking

36:20 What has Nate been working on this off season ?

39:15 What has Nate’s biggest struggle been this off season ?

43:00 What compound did you love the most but stop using with age

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