Best Upper Chest Exercises W. The Godfather Of Bodybuilding!

In today’s video I cover the 7 best upper chest exercises for mass with Charles Glass. Charles Glass is a master at activating every muscle, and these upper chest exercises do a great job of targeting your upper pecs. Try these moves for the perfect mass building upper chest workout and make sure to like and subscribe for more videos on becoming superhuman!

Time Stampers For Today’s Video
00:00 – 7 Best upper chest exercises
00:20 – Why incline bench is the best
00:41 – upper chest exercise 1/7, this one is killer!
01:10 – drop-sets or nah?
01:25 – smashing incline bench with Charles Glass
02:25 – incline guillotine press on the smith machine
03:17 – how to use machines to hit upper chest
04:29 – how to use dumbbells to smash upper chest
05:14 – perfect exercise for a high rep finisher on chest day
06:00 – watch this video next to blow up your biceps –

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