Bodybuilding Meal Quick Healthy Beef Stir Fry Recipe

Here’s a quick and tasty Stir Fry recipe that I like to do every now and then. It’s very simple ingredients wise and cooking and prep time all together is around 15 mins.

Macros (Based of my quantities):


79g Protein
63g Carbs – (much less if you leave out the rice and want to have it Paleo style)
13g Fat

You Will Need:

300g Rump Steak – Fat Removed – If Bulking use Rib Eye for mo’ flavour
100g Sweet Baby Peppers
75g Snap Peas
75g Mange Tout
100g Spring Onion
60g White Rice
Chilli Oil / Spicy Marinade – Use normal oil if you don’t want it spicy
Spice Rub – Use salt and pepper again, if not wanting spice. Or a Chinese 5 Spice
1 Tsp of Tomato Puree


1. Slice Steak up into thin strips and drizzle marinade / oil to taste and add half to one teaspoon of spice rub.
2. Chop up vegetables.
3. Start to cook your rice, if you don’t know how to cook rice, just google it.
4. Once rice is half way through cooking start to cook your steak until it is browned.
5. Add the vegetables and tomato puree.
6. Cook until steak is to your preference.
7. Plate up and Enjoy!

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