Boulder Shoulder Workout W. The Godfather Of Bodybuilding

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The only 3 shoulder exercises you need for boulder shoulders are some type of lat raise, overhead press, and rear delt fly. Many of you are doing this and not seeing results however, and that is because what you do is not even close to as important as how you do it. I’m going to show you the 3 best shoulder exercises for targeting each head of the shoulders, and give you some form tweaks so you can really feel each of these 3 moves more. Then to maximize your results and grow big shoulders, i’m going to lay out a few intensity techniques so you can see faster results. The final piece to the puzzle is how much weekly training volume? Watch until the end so you can write down the shoulder workout I want to you perform, and how many total sets of shoulder training you should do per week. Whether you need a new shoulder workout for mass or just trying to maximize your results in every workout, try these 3 deltoid exercises and make sure to tag me on Instagram @TroyShred so I can follow your fitness journey. I follow everyone back who DM’s me and says “SuperHuman Fam”

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