Broke Bodybuilder $1 Burger Meal

Why are comments off?

Yes, this tuna burger is high in sodium. If you have high blood pressure AND you are one of the 10% of the population whose blood pressure is affected by sodium then definitely leave out the 1/3tsp of salt. IMO does not taste good without the salt but its up to you, leave it out if you want.

Mercury is a concern with tuna. As long as you stay within the consumption limits, you are good. The weekly recommended maximum consumption of chunk light tuna is:

@230lbs, 5 cans (20oz)
@180lbs, 3.75 cans (15oz)
@120lbs, 2.5 cans (10oz)

105kg, 5 cans (566g)
81kg, 3.75 cans (424g)
54kg, 2.5 cans (283g)

Note that this is for chunk light tuna. The white tuna (albacore) has 3x the mercury!

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