Build Your Body 4-Week Challenge, Week 2: Upper Body Burner

Think you need a barbell and a stack of plates to build strength? Think again.

THE CHALLENGE: Upper Body Burner
How fast can you complete the 7-round descending pyramid? Film yourself and post your time.

Exercises to be complete in each round:
-Dumbbell Bicep Curl
-Dumbbell Side Raise
-Dumbbell Row
-Dumbbell Kickback
-Resistance Band Bicep Curl
-Resistance Band Side Raise
-Resistance Band Band Row
-Resistance Band Kickback

Reps to be completed in each round:
-Round 1: 7 reps of each exercise
-Round 2: 6 reps of each exercise
-Round 3: 5 reps of each exercise
-Round 4: 4 reps of each exercise
-Round 5: 3 reps of each exercise
-Round 6: 2 reps of each exercise
-Round 7: 1 reps of each exercise

For more info on content submissions, challenge eligibility, tools and requirements, tap the link 👉

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