Classic Bodybuilding Exercises with Bands

Tune in for a gym-worthy classic bodybuilding workout with bands that can easily be done at home.. Here I discuss how to perform many tried and true bodybuilding exercises with bands. Many of these exercises have been bodybuilding staples for decades and stood the test of time for a reason. I also touch on a few modifications to make some of the exercises more joint friendly and less likely to result in injury…which many bodybuilders have had their fair share of. I’ve also covered a number of these exercises in greater length in other videos on the ExerciseLab channel so please check them out if you looking for more tips and information on form/technique.

Though I discuss the convenience of doing these band exercises at home, they can certainly also be done at the gym in addition to other conventional exercises. Pick one and add it to a split routine or do them all as part of a full body workout – the sky (and possibly the results) are the limit 🙂

Exercises Performed:

1. Preacher/Scott Curl
2. Skull Crusher
3. Upright Row
4. Romanian Deadlift (RDL)
5. Donkey Calf Raise

Bonus exercise: Wrist curls.

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Recommended Equipment:
TriggerPoint Hollow Foam Roller:
Standard Foam Roller:
Perform Better Superbands (varying tensions, they’re stronger than they look):
1/4″ Orange (Light):
3/4″ Yellow (Medium):
1″ Black (Heavy):
1 1/2″ Green (Super Heavy):
Fat Gripz 2.25″: OR
Fat Gripz 2.75″:

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