Clen Science, Deca Only – MUSCLE MINDS PODCAST

Why does clenbuterol and yohimbine work so well together? Plus the other popular fat burners in bodybuilding explained. Scott Stevenson explains plus Deca Only discussed and more QA TIME STAMPS BELOW

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0:00 Intro

0:55 Synergy between Clen and Yohimbine

9:00 Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 receptors inhibit Lipolysis

9:35 Beta Receptors = Lipolysis

16:00 Difficulty breaking down yohimbine for some people

17:25 Teacrine

21:20 Ephedrine’s action

23:30 Albuterol

24:15 synephrine

25:30 hesperidin and naringin to block P450 (Keeps some drugs from breaking down

31:00 White, Brown and Beige Fat Cells

34:00 Uncoupling Proteins

44:30 Deca for joint pain relief

54:10 Higher Deca with lower test

1:05:00 Chromium on a bulk cycle

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