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Not all fat is bad. There are fats that are actually good for you. We call them healthy fats or smart fats.

Essential fatty acids, first and foremost, let’s understand the title of the name itself. Essential fatty acids means that these fats are essential, that they are not part of the components of the fat that your body already manufactures and synthesizes on its own, but you need to get these fats from outside sources. They break up into two families, basically omega-threes and omega-sixes. You can get them naturally from flaxseeds, certain cruciferous vegetables, salmon, and other sources. Essential fatty acids are probably best taken and the greatest results can be found if they’re taken in supplemental form, simply because no one could probably ingest enough to get the dosages that are going to really, really impact your muscle building program.

I think when it comes to essential fatty acids, it’s extremely, it’s extremely important to just remember that and keep in mind that they’re smart and healthy fats. And also that being as you’re probably involved in a muscle building program, you’re probably already on a relatively low-fat diet, so your body needs healthy fats in order to manufacture new muscle, stay healthy. EFAs are going to do that, from keeping your internal inflammation down, keeping your heart healthy, to actually helping to help your hormones in your body operate more efficiently, and testosterone being one of them. That’s actually how EFAs can work to help your body produce muscle faster.

The dosage is going to vary, but, overall I would say don’t be afraid to take and increase your dosages of essential fatty acids. And in fact, relative to whatever your goals are, you might want to look at increasing those.

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