Full Day of Eating on my CUT!

Alright here is everything I ate yesterday on my cut. Breakfast was this cherry vanilla ice cream oatmeal topped with a banana, highly recommend trying it out, it is absolutely incredible. Then I went to my grandma’s house, had some cantaloupe and a blueberry muffin, came home, made a quesadilla with cheese, sour cream, and 4 ounces of ground turkey, then cut up an apple and a pear. Then I had some greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and cut up one of these chocolate peanut butter protein bars to mix in and it tasted unreal. Then for dinner I had 6 ounces of salmon with some broccoli, brown rice, zucchini, and peppers and I finished the day with 2 slices of peanut butter toast with frozen fruit and a peach mango protein smoothie which was probably my favorite meal of the day. Here are the total calories and macros, code “MAXE” is 40% off any of the protein, and I hope you enjoy.

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