Functional Aesthetics: Bodybuilding + Functional Training

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This post explores whether it is possible to develop functional performance and a great physique simultaneously. Is this a choice you have to make? Or do bodybuilding and functional training go well together? Spoiler: it’s the latter!

There are actually a number of similarities between functional training and bodybuilding: a focus on lesser-trained muscle groups and a balanced physique, for example. Where they differ, they can complement each other perfectly. And it’s actually easier than you might think to combine the two!

This is just one pairing that works well though. In a future video, I’ll discuss why powerlifting and kettlebells are perfect partners. What other forms of training work well together?

Oh and apologies if you read this post a while back – I’ve been sick this week and wasn’t able to film something new. I know only a small percentage of people read the blog, and hopefully those that did still got some value from the video!

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