Functional Muscle 4: Can You Build Your Chest With CrossFit? 30 Minute Workout

As a young lad, I had a clear priority when I first stepped into the gym: CHEST. But the same machines and routines were boring as hell. Later in my CrossFit years, despite using zero machines and doing far more Snatching than Bench Press, I noticed people still commented on and asked about my chest development. Why was that?

These lessons from my history in bodybuilding and CrossFit blend in today’s Functional Muscle workout and breakdown. I’ll show you how training as fun and varied as CrossFit can still be super effective for muscle development when used correctly. Try this 30 minute workout to see for yourself, and catch the coaching breakdown to show you how it all works.

Athletic Muscle Chest SuperSet – Slow + Fast
4 Sets
A1. Wide Grip Barbell Bench Press; 41X0 x 6 reps
rest 15sec
A2. Burpees As Fast As Possible; x 12reps
rest 2mins and repeat from A1

Aerobic Bodybuilding
Row 20 Cals
20 Alternating Incline DB Chest Press
x 4 Rounds
Row 20 Cals
15 Dips
x 4 Rounds

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09:17 Workout 2
10:57 Look Good Move Well Training Principles
17:17 Thank you!

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