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When someone gets started on a weight lifting or muscle building program, they think about the pills, the potions. They’ll even talk about the protein. They’ll talk about obviously the program itself, and how much weight they might to lift, how many reps they may need to do.

It doesn’t sound too sexy to talk about the calcium, but in fact calcium is extremely important in your muscle building program. Calcium is responsible and will dictate the contraction, the strength and contraction of your muscles.

For instance, if your body at any one given time doesn’t have enough calcium, it’s literally going to pull the calcium from your bones, to put into the cells that you need. So, calcium’s constantly being forced in and out of your muscle cells, so you need to make sure that your body has adequate calcium.

Calcium can come obviously from a bunch of different sources. It could come from milk, it could come from a lighter low fat milk, if that’s what your diet requires, skim milk. It could come from dairy products and so on, leafy green vegetables.

When it comes to calcium for whatever reason, most people seem to be somewhat deficient and so, I always recommend that clients take a calcium supplement. The best times to take that would probably be earlier in the day, and then again with dinner. That would probably be the two best times to take those supplements.

So, while calcium is an extremely part of your program, you also want to make sure that you’re adding as well, the vitamin D, working in conjunction with each other, the calcium and the vitamin D. Most people aren’t aware is that though they might also be deficient in calcium, most people are also very, very deficient in vitamin D. So, you want to make sure that you’re getting both of those nutrients together.

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