High Protein Full Day of Eating | Low Calorie (1800 Calorie Diet)

My full day of eating 160g High Fibre and High Protein Diet of 1800 Calories. I show various bodybuilding recipes i like and what foods/snacks i eat in a day to achieve a high protein amount daily. Along with fitness tips on how to cook foods so they taste enjoyable so you can stick to your own diet.

Calories & Macros came to
1780 Calories
Carbs: 190g
Protein: 156g
Fat: 39g

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I upload uk full day of eating videos, meal prep videos, gym tips, food challenges and of course daily fitness vlogs.

Youtube Channels I watch occasionally are greg doucette, christian guzman, chris jones of pumpchasers, merijn from student aesthetics, my boy glen gillen & gabriel sey, mike diamonds, also rob lipsett and some of the other alphalete crew like shawley coker and russ swole! It all depends on my mood and how much cardio i have to do 😛 ohh and my fave thing to watch at the moment is the joe budden podcast!!

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Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program.

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