How To Perfect Offseason Vs Contest Prep Bodybuilding Diets | King’s World

King Kamali gives a core template for maximizing your bodybuilding diet.

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The only thing that might be more important than dedication to hardcore training for bodybuilders is their diet. Your diet is the foundation for how your body can transform and react to the training that you are putting yourself through every single day. Speaking broadly, there are two major stages of a bodybuilding diet – offseason dieting and contest prep dieting. One is focusing on bulking up, the other is focused on cutting out fat without losing all that hard earned muscle.

Of course, every single body is different and there is no one cookie cutter diet that works for everyone. That’s why King Kamali is providing a core template for both an offseason diet and a contest prep diet. Don’t get us wrong – this is still a very detailed diet that can be useful for anyone struggling to maximize their physique. But the key here is that it’s a starting point and you can adjust accordingly to whatever works best for your body.

The main goal King Kamali is providing here is a course to make sure you aren’t completely off base. More in depth than a standard google search about bodybuilding diets – Kamali provides the building blocks here to really evolve the diet and turn it into a recipe for success. Check it out in this week’s episode of King’s World above!

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