How to Recover from Hard Workouts and Promote Muscle Growth

Recovery is more important than your workouts. Yeah, we said it.

Master Coach and RD, Jess Isaacs, walks us through recovery habits to follow after strenuous workouts. Watch along for the 3 R’s of recovery along with top post-workout meals and snacks. 💪

1. Repair: High protein foods or the use of a protein supplement. Amount will vary by person and intensity. Aim for at least 15-20 grams.

2. Refuel: Don’t sleep on refueling! We deplete our systems of glycogen during workouts. The longer you workout, the more you lose. Grab a 3:1 ration of carb/protein snack or meal afterwards.

3. Rehydrate: Replace what you’ve lost. *Coach tip:* weighing yourself before and after workouts helps gauge how much you need to replace. Goal is 16 oz of fluid per pound lost.

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