Intense Push Bodybuilding Workout for fat loss | Push pull legs workout plan | Day 5

Hi! Here is the fifth day of my 6 days training schedule for cut, but this training day is specifically modified emphasizing on volume and intensity, although i am quiet lean but, still going for the fat loss just in order to level up the things and stay tuned for further updates as i will be sharing each and every detail of my fat loss journey, which includes totally customized workout plans and high protein diet plan specifically designed for fat loss only. I hope u find it helpful.. and if u do, make sure to leave a regard below.. And if you are New to The channel make sure u subscribe too.. peace

One more thing.. there couldn’t be any fat loss workout, i wrote it for no reason and the goal of this workout is to burn maximum calories and that will ultimately lead to fat loss..

And i was getting tons of messages regarding personal online training and its out finally and you can grab a spot by checking the about section of the channel

Fat loss Workout Series:
Day 1 of fat loss:
Bulking Full Day Of Eating:
My Current Full Day Of Eating:


0:00 : The intro
0:19 : Warmup
1:25 : Explaining Workout
1:40 : Superset # 1 Flat Bench Press + Seated Shoulder Press with Dumbbell
2:12 : Superset # 2 Inclined Dumbbell Press + Lateral Raises
3:21 : Superset # 3 Pec Dec + Triceps Kickback
4:12 : Superset # 4 Arnold Press + Pulley Pushdown
5:00 : The Outro

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