Joint Pain Supplements – Home Remedies For Anti-Inflammation and Tendonitis- Bodybuilding

Joint Supplements in this video:
Spring Valley Turmeric Curcumin:
Wiley’s Finest Peak EPA 1000mg EPA + DHA Omega-3:
Move Free Joint Health Supplement:

Joint health is quite important for all athletes including bodybuilders, powerlifters and cross fitters! In this video, I talk about the supplements that I take at home on a daily basis to help with my joint pain and tendonitis. Usually my patellar tendonitis flares up quite often, as well as my elbow, and shoulder joint (labrum specifically), however, when I take fish oil, turmeric curcumin, and move free from schiff, I feel much better and my tendonitis gets much better and my joints feel more lubricated.

Another way to get relief from joint pain is to consistency stretch on a daily basis if possible. If you can stretch after every workout, it would be quite beneficial. Once your muscles tighten up, they begin to pull on tendons which is often what causes tendonitis. Both stretching and these supplements are home remedies, so anybody can do them! If you feel joint pain after workouts, take these supplements on a daily basis as well as stretches to help relieve tension on the tendons. Also, avoid the workouts and exercises that tend to flare up your tendonitis and cause joint pain, until you can do the movements pain free.

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