Losing Muscle While Cutting? (THE TRUTH)

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If you’re cutting down to very low levels of body fat then yes, you’re probably going to sacrifice a bit of muscle in the process.⁣

However, it’ll be a very slow process and it shouldn’t be overly significant if your training and nutrition is properly dialed in.⁣

When most people complain about how they’re “losing a lot of muscle” on a cut, it usually has little to nothing to do with actual muscle loss.⁣

Instead, it’s the simple fact that they weren’t carrying nearly as much muscle as they thought in the first place.⁣

They implemented a crappy bulking approach consisting of highly suboptimal training combined with an excessively large calorie surplus… and proceeded to pile on a bunch of body fat and water bloat which they mistook for being primarily muscle.⁣

Then they shifted into a deficit and dropped a good chunk of the fat and excess water weight – but since they now just look like a smaller version of their bulked up self without any real added definition – they conclude that what they lost was muscle.⁣

The truth is that implementing a proper muscle sparing cut is not that complicated.⁣

Drop into a deficit (how aggressive you go with it is mainly personal preference), continue training as normal, and keep your protein intake up.⁣

Obviously there are other details involved, but that’s the majority of it.⁣

Bottom line?⁣

If you’re losing a “large amount of muscle” while cutting, it’s probably not actually muscle.⁣

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