Natty muscle gain expectations

Why are comments off? Natural muscle gain expectations Natty or not? How much muscle can you expect to gain naturally? How long will it take to look like Jeff Seid? Like Zyzz?

By the way folks, you will notice that I never made any claims about the natty-ness of anyone I showed pictures of, that is for a reason, I do not know if any of these people are natty or not. All I DO know from my experience is what percent of the male population is capable of achieving what they have achieved.

A lot of people have asked if person X is natty or person Y is natty – here is how YOU can answer your own question! Get a before and after photo, calculate the years between them, estimate the weight in each photo, and then figure out how much muscle gain per year that was. Now compare that to what my muscle gain calculator predicts. If they gained significantly more than my calculator predicts then they were most likely using steroids.

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