OLDSCHOOL BODYBUILDING Legendary Bodybuilding Motivation HD 1080p

Here we go again. Re-uploaded for the strugglers. Don’t give up. I count on you! Another cardio movie is back online, it’s one of the classics featuring legends of bodybuilding. Tom Platz. Dorian Yates. Lee Labrada. Bob Paris. Danny Padilla. Gary Strydom. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
To YouTube: Tired of your shit, go #uck yourself. This is a non-monetized motivational video on a non-monetized channel. All rights belong to their respective owners, this is just meant for educational purposes. No ad-revenue is being made. So go and fuck someone else’s channel.

To those who follow this channel and the old one for awhile:
I am sorry for not being able to give the credits as detailed as I used to. Due to YT, everything got lost. I wanted to re-upload these though, because so many loved these videos.

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