Over 40 Bodybuilding Style Dumbbell Shoulder Workout (BOULDER SHOULDERS!)

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It is time to get some bigger shoulders, and we are going to do that with an old school style bodybuilding dumbbell workout for you guys over 40. Bodybuilders back with the Arnold times, were known for their big round shoulders. They probably only worked shoulders once a week, but they would put a lot of volume into that workout to get a huge pump and gains for the shoulders. They would need a full week of recovery because of the volume in the workout. The exercises in this workout are designed to help you build bigger and more full shoulders.

Exercise #1: DUMBBELL OVERHEAD PRESS. You can do this seated or standing, if you have a healthy lower back and good core strength then you can do this standing. Use a semi-neutral grip, which is easier on your shoulder joints. Push the dumbbells straight up in the air, and control the weight on the way down. Really focus on driving the dumbbells up in the air.

Exercise #2: DUMBBELL SIDE LATERAL RAISE. You don’t want the dumbbells going up to the ceiling, you want the focus to be going away from your body. Keep your core tight, bring the dumbbells out wide, not going any higher than shoulder height.

Exercise #3: DUMBBELL UPRIGHT ROW. Focus on starting the movement by bringing your elbows out then a slight movement up. Your elbows should not go higher than your shoulders, it is a small range of motion for this movement.

Exercise #4: DUMBBELL BENT LATERAL RAISE. Similar to the side lateral raise, except you are going to lean forward before starting the movement. This is going to help put more focus on the posterior delts/rear delts. Drive out and up with your elbows in this movement, and squeeze at the top. Do this slowly and under control for the whole exercise.

Exercise #5: DUMBBELL SHRUGS. Hold for 3 seconds at the top of the movement, you do not want it to be a bouncing movement. Shrug as high as you can, hold for 3 seconds then control the dumbbells on the way down.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with an over 40 bodybuilding style dumbbell shoulder workout. Give this workout a try to build bigger shoulders. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and get ripped this summer!

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