Sexy Shoulders: Ali Rosen’s Shoulder Workout –

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Define your delts and sculpt a pair of stellar shoulders with this workout video from IFBB Bikini Pro Ali Rosen.

To sculpt great shoulders, you have to lift weights. This shoulder workout is one of the best sessions in my repertoire. It builds full, sexy shoulders that will cap and enhance any fit physique. Strong delts pair perfectly with dresses and bikinis, and they’ll make your waist look even slimmer.

I follow this workout in the off-season and during IFBB Bikini competition season. It contains a warm-up, four supersets, and one straight set. You’ve got seven superb exercises to round your deltoids and help build some sexy shoulder muscle. Let’s get started!
My shoulder workout contains supersets and one straight set. A superset is two exercises performed back-to-back with no rest. A straight set is just one exercise. Rest 45-60 seconds between supersets and your straight sets. The reps are high (15-20), but you should still choose a weight that take you to total failure in that rep range.

I love to take simple exercises and add unique variations. For example, I like to finish my last set of front plate raises with a steering wheel burnout. This adds a challenge to your shoulder work and enhances all three parts of your shoulder: anterior, medial and posterior deltoids. It also strengthens the ball and socket joint in order to prevent injury.

My workout also contains both single- and double-arm lateral raises. The single-arm variation allows you to concentrate on each arm separately, enhancing each arm’s capability to build muscle. When we work both arms, we tend to favor one side or use our body to throw the weight up. This variation allows you to truly concentrate on your weaker side and push yourself harder.

I love single-arm lateral raises because they truly test your endurance and your mind-muscle connection. The isolation that occurs while the opposite arm is working gives your shoulders deeper lines and cuts, while building muscle at the same time

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