Big Ron Partlow and Scott McNally hold down the fort while Dusty is away – TIME STMAPS BELOW

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0:00 intro

1:40 IFBB Pro Steve Didoshak

3:00 Ron’s trip to Vegas to shoot with Flex Lewis and Iris Kyle for Mutant on a Mission

19:00 What is worse? Not picking up after your dog or not putting your weights away

21:45 People doing dumb stuff at the gym

28:00 Scott’s wedding plans

32:00 Megadeath ?

35:15 Super Bowl

40:00 Whats going on with Canada ?

43:00 Final word on l-carnitine

45:30 sissy squat or leg press for quad development ?

48:15 thoughts on cardio vs tracking steps

52.:15 What kind of headphones do you like for the gym?

55:55 Biggest Mind F Movies

1:00:30 Getting better at pressing

1:04:30 Classic or Open?

1:08:00 Lower back rounds on dead lifts

1:12:45 Scott’s grocery store story

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#flexlewis #mutantonamission #ronpartlow

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