The Best Bodybuilding Program for 2022 + Muscular Endurance Chest Workout

Find out what makes the Swole Program inside Fitness Culture Steve Cook’s favorite program. Its unique 8-day split is optimal for heavy volume and maximum rest.

The swole program is designed on a unique 8-day training split. We’ve designed it this way to allow us to train our core muscle groups to exhaustion every training session. The core groups we focus on are chest, back, legs and shoulders. The 8-day split gives us three full days of recovery between our core muscle groups. This allows us to train harder and with more volume in each training session while being fully recovered when we approach each session of the week. 

0:15 – What is the training split for Swole?

1:32 – Workout Starts

1:59 – 1. Incline Bench 
Rest 2 Minutes

3:18 – 2. ALT NG DB Bench 
3×12 each arm 
Rest 2 Minutes

4:07 – 3. Incline Hammer Strength 
Rest 90 Seconds

5:21 – 4a. Dips 3×20 
5:28 – 4b. Seated Machine Chest Fly 3×15
Rest 60 Seconds

5:44 – 5. BB Skull Crushers 
Rest 60

6:22 – 6a. Cable EZ Bar Reverse Grip Push Downs 3×15 
6:26 – 6b. SA Cable Kickbacks 3×10 each
Rest 60

7:07 – 7a. Cable Rope OH Extensions 3×15 
7:20 – 7b. Triangle Push-ups 
Rest 60

8:20 – How each Fitness Culture program is different according to goals

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