Top 10 Exercises for Bodybuilding! (Prepare Yourself for #6 & #10!)

Top 10 Exercises for Bodybuilding! (Prepare Yourself for #6 & #10!)

Fascial Stretching: The Permanent Pain Cure by Ming Chew

Fascial Stretching: John Parillo

Rotator Cuffs

Shoulder Presses

Great Exercise for Shoulder Mass & Long Health

Why Squats, not Leg Press

Reverse Hyper

Mr America Heart

The top 10 exercises for bodybuilding as outlined and explained by reknowned personal trainer Mr America & Natural Mr Universe John Heart. In this video John shares his favorites and reveals some of his roots from the Golden Era of bodybuilding as well as his connections with the physical therapy world, having trained many physical therapists.
The exercises chosen would make both Arnold Schwarzenegger & the more modern bodybuilder proud.
All exercises chosen would be great additions to muscle up in any muscle building routine!

Always consult with your physician before undertaking any form of exercise/diet regime.

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