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What’s good you guys. Some of my older subscribers might have seen some of this content done in one of my older videos. Thought I’d re release my video on vegetarian bodybuilding science as a more accurate, swankier version of the older video. Today we’re talking about veg food for bodybuilding. The vegetarian bodybuilding diet can definitely be a little more challenging than a regular meat-fuelled one, BUT if you’re a little smart with the scientific aspect of things, vegetarian bodybuilding and muscle science can be a walk in the park. Today I bring you my TOP 5 SCIENTIFIC diet hacks to help you on your veg bodybuilding journey. I’m going to go over a bunch of the foods you can eat as a vegetarian and also how you should go about eating them – think of this as a detailed diet hack. I will be putting out a vegetarian muscle building diet plan at some point but for now, think of this as an introductory video to that video. Your guide to veg food for a bodybuilding diet! Enjoy guys


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