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Detailed vegetarian meal plan to help you pack on lean muscle! This is the ultimate veg diet for muscle building.

I keep saying that my channel is an “India Specific” channel. Honestly there’s no topic that gets more “India-Specific” than vegetarianism. Close to 500 million out of 1.2 billion people in this country are vegetarian. This video is for all the PEOPLE (Girls as well) who wish to put on healthy weight and solid muscle, to achieve that toned look you wish for. Everyone knows about vegetarian protein sources like dal, sprouts, mushrooms and paneer but do you really know the science of it? Watch this video to educate yourself on how you can achieve the body of your dreams with a vegetarian diet.
Dropping a highly anticipated INDIA SPECIFIC FITNESS video today! So for some reason a full day of veg eating video has been requested more than any other. Now that you guys know what a high protein vegetarian indian diet looks like, here’s a portrayal of the practice. Here’s my macros for bulking. Now when I say bulking, i dont mean bulking up like a bodybuilder. I just mean bulking up FOR LEAN MUSCLE, for skinny fat indians. This applies to all Indian men and boys. If you’re a female viewer, remember, our bodies are virtually the same. The same diet WILL apply to you, with a slight reduction in overall macros.
I wanted to show you guys how to LOOK AT YOUR FOOD. I’m not one of those guys who counts carb and fat macros, but I make sure I’m certain with my protein NUMBERS. Because as a GYMMER, its THAT important. The rule of thumb is to keep a track of your protein intake ALWAYS, even if you make rough estimates of the other two.
I’m currently bulking, so my calories are super high. I’m gonna show you guys how I consume close to 250g of protein in a healthy but more importantly, ENJOYABLE way! Had a blast shooting this video because I’m always having a blast when food is around. *THICK VOICE* AWWW YEEEAH. Check it, INDIA !

PS : This also doubles as a vegetarian diet for weight gain. if you’re trying to lose weight, simply avoid the fat sources shown in this video 🙂
Make sure you enjoy your gymming in the gym my vegetarian gymmers!


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