Vegetarian full day of eating for Fat Loss | 2000 Calories Diet Plan for cutting

Hi! Here Comes the most awaited video of the month, This vegetarian diet plan is very simple, affordable and sustainable as i never follow any fancy diet and try to improvise to make is super practical.
Hence this Diet plan is for fat loss, Thereby all the meals are very high in protein and on the other hand quite low in calories, i have been following this diet from last 3 week and already getting very noticeable results, so feel free to give it a try and do share your opinion.
I hope u find it helpful.. and if u do, make sure to leave a regard below.. And if you are New to The channel make sure u subscribe too.. peace

And i was getting tons of messages regarding personal online training and its out finally and you can grab a spot by checking the about section of the channel or Mail me at

Protein roti Recipe:
Day 1 of fat loss:
My Workout:


0:00 : The intro & My experience
0:45 : Meal 1: Protein coffee + Roasted chana
2:00 : Meal 2: Aalu Sabzi + 2 Protein Roti
3:06 : The Workout
3:22 : Meal 3: Aalu Sabzi + 2 Protein Roti
4:09 : Meal 4: High Fiber Salad + 1/2 Scoop Whey
5:26 : Meal 5: 100 gm Fried paneer + 1 Protein Roti
6:21 : Meal 6: 300 ml double toned Milk
7:20 : Outro

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