Vegetarian full day of eating for weight gain | bodybuilding without supplement | Bulking Diet plan

Hi! Here is my old full day of eating which i used to follow during me initial days when i was 45kg in weight and this diet plan is fully customized considering a low budget along with no supplementation and this plan is quiet flexible too as around 50% of the food items are completely monotonous in addition with few homemade food products (Videos mentioned below). I hope u find it helpful.. and if u do, make sure to leave a regard below.. And if you are New to The channel make sure u subscribe too.. peace

Protein Roti Recipe:
Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe:
My Workout:
My Current Full Day Of Eating:

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0:00 : The intro & My experience
0:47 : About Diet Plan
1:04 : Meal 1: Mass gaining shake
3:30 : Meal 2: Rice + 1 Protein roti + 1 Normal roti + 1 Cup dal
4:24 : The Workout
4:52 : Meal 3: Mass gaining shake (Similar to meal 1)
5:34 : Meal 4: 2 Protein Roti + 200 gm Curd + 1 Cup dal
6:28 : Meal 5: 1 Protein Roti + 30 gm Peanut butter + 250 ml double toned Milk
7:30 : Outro

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