What are the effects of Alcohol on Bodybuilding? Explained in Telugu.

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In this we will discussing about the effects of alcohol on fitness.

1:- Alcohol effects Muscle Building and Recovery.
2:- Alcohol effects the metabolism of Protein ,Carbs and Fats.
3:- Alcohol causes dehydration because it is a diuretics..

What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

In this video we will be discussing about the difference between weight loss and Fat loss.

Most of people who don’t have in depth knowledge about fitness and nutrition will believe Weight loss and Fat loss are both same.

But there is major difference between both of them and it is very important to now to stay healty and reach you fitness goals.

your body weight consists of muscles,bones,water,organs,fat.

So when a person looses somes weight it means he has lost muscle and fat , water in first case,

And in another you will be loosing most of it will be Fat.

First case happens when there is no adequeate protein in your food intae , which is not encouraged and not good for health.

Second case will be happened when there is adequate protein in your diet and it is vert important for healthy weight loss which means maximium loosing only fat.

Atleat you need you need include 0.8 grams of protein multiplied by body weight in kilograsms

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