What’s the difference between all the different bodybuilding organizations???

So you want to compete, wth organization or league do you choose? This can be very confusing believe me I know I went through this same scenario about 20 years ago. There are a lot of options to choose from but which one fits the best with you as an individual. In this video I’m explaining the different competitive organizations or leagues to try and shed some light on the subject. There are four reputable organizations around where we are located the NPC, IFBB, OCB, and USBF. These are all acronyms NPC is National Physique Committee, IFBB is International Federation of Bodybuilders, OCB is organized committee of bodybuilders, and USBF is United States bodybuilding federation. The organizations are very similar in the posing the judging criteria ect. but they are also very different in other ways. First OCB, and USBF are drug tested organizations the natural bodybuilding organizations while NPC and IFBB are not drug tested. The drug testing vs not drug testing organizations is the biggest difference between the organizations. If your a natural bodybuilder or physique competitor OCB and USBF should probably be your first choice. The reason is these leagues drug test and polygraph the athletes creating an even playing field for all meaning you can be pretty confident all the athletes at OCB or USBF competitions are all natural. Where as NPC and IFBB is not drug tested or polygraph or anything so athletes can pretty much run with whatever PED they want to SARMS, steroids, peptides could all be used by an athlete in these organizations and no one would know or care definitely not an even playing field for all. I hope this clears up what organization you should choose to compete in, I know it can be confusing but don’t let that stop you from competing if your natural pick an OCB or USBF competition if your not pick a NPC or IFBB competition that pretty much makes it easy to decide.

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