WHY Bodybuilding Is Basically Powerbuilding..

Bodybuilding and Powerbuilding routines share many principles of progressive overload.

Both training styles follow the principles of changes to: Reps, Lifting loads (Intensity), Sets, Frequency, and Rest time.

So what makes Bodybuilding and Powerbuilding different? Well, first off, the main goal of Bodybuilding is to promote muscle growth through hypertrophy. With Bodybuilding training, the lifter will mainly train with higher rep ranges and go to failure with their sets.

As for Powerbuilding, the main goal is strength and muscle gain. Unlike Bodybuilding, achieving sets to failure can lead to recovery issues in strength performance for the squat, bench and deadlift. Since the goal is not purely muscle gain, Powerbuilders will often not train to failure.

For bodybuilding, strict load management isn’t necessary for hypertrophy. As with Powerbuilding, load management is mandatory to make longterm strength progress.

Accurate or Nah?

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