Why Cardio Is Overrated For Fat Loss

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There’s always a handful of people who get upset when I make these posts because they think I’m discouraging people from doing cardio.

At the end of the day I’m just giving the facts and people can do with that information whatever they want.

I always include the fact that I still recommend performing regular cardio of some kind for general health purposes, and I’m in no way trying to encourage anyone to skip it. (I’m literally writing this after having just finished a session)

However, there are a ton of people whose primary goal is to lose body fat and who end up on the wrong path by trying to create their deficit through actively burning calories with exercise and then only loosely monitoring their diet, when they’d usually be much better off to flip these priorities around.

Yes, there are always exceptions, and if someone’s energy expenditure is very high (this is usually the case for people who have some kind of active daily hobby or do frequent sports/martial arts etc.) and their diet is reasonable to begin with then it might still work out just fine.

I’m speaking to the majority here, and most people are not performing such a high volume of cardio that it’s going to have a massive impact on things.

Not to mention that if building/maintaining muscle is a top priority, you ideally wouldn’t want to be doing tons and tons of cardio anyway since beyond a certain point it will start interfering with weight training recovery and performance.

Do your cardio. But if the goal is fat loss, controlling calorie intake will be the most important factor for the majority.

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